Course curriculum

    1. Orientation - Policies and Procedures

    2. Course Outline

    1. Introduction to Social Media Platforms

    2. Knowledge Check 1

    3. Netiquette, Ethical Considerations & Branding

    4. Knowledge Check 2

    5. Branding & Promotion

    6. Knowledge Check 3

    7. Growing Your Presence and Your Team

    8. Knowledge Check 4

    1. Survey

About this course

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CEO & Founder, Luxian International Realty Luciane Serifovic

Luciane Serifovic is a luxury real estate powerhouse, thought leader, and founder of Luxian International Realty which is the first Luxury Virtual Real Estate company servicing HNWI and Sports & Entertainment clients worldwide.

Eighteen years ago, Luciane walked into a real estate office in Manhattan and convinced the manager to give “a young woman from Brazil who spoke little English and knew little about New York City,” a chance. Since then, she has sold and managed multi-millions of dollars of high end New York real estate, coached hundreds of agents, and appeared in many speaking and media engagements.