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    1. Orientation - Policies and Procedures

    2. Course Outline

    3. Analyzing Financials Part 1

    4. Financial Statements Outline(2023)

    1. Introduction

    2. Knowledge Check 1

    3. Balance Sheet and Statement of Operations

    4. Knowledge Check 2

    5. Notes to Financials & 5 Key Points

    6. Knowledge Check 3

    1. Survey

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Managing Partner, Romer Debbas LLP Michael J. Romer, Esq.

Michael J. Romer, Esq. is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Romer Debbas, LLP. Michael represents a broad range of clients in connection with the acquisition, sale, lease, development and/or financing of commercial land residential properties. Such clients include both domestic and foreign individuals buying for residential or investment purposes as well as institutional and private equity clients. Michael is also counsel to a wide majority of lending instutions in the country that are focused on real estate finance. He is a frequent contributor to local and national media including New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Real Deal and Nasdaq TV. In addition, Michael frequently lectures in NYC's major real estate brokerage firms.

Regional Manager, Investors Bank Tony Jao

Tony Jao is a mortgage banker for Investors Bank (NMLS# 7536). For over 18 years he has specialized in residential purchases for the Manhattan and Brooklyn markets. Tony frequently teaches continuing education classes for real estate agents locally and has also written articles on lending in condos and co-ops for publications related to the local real estate market. He lives with his family in Park Slope.