Features of the
All Access Membership

As a subscriber, you will have full access to our entire On-Demand Continuing Education course library as well as access to live, virtual events, and classes. Membership also comes with FREE Pro Membership access to TOOLBOX 4 REAL ESTATE AGENT SUCCESS where you will find all the forms, documents, checklists and resources you need. This includes access to webcasts and our own dedicated ROKU channel. Memberships require a one year commitment.

  • Full Access to On-Demand CE Course Library

  • Access to Webinars & Virtual/Live Events

  • Toolbox 4 Real Estate Agent Success Pro Membership

  • 24/7 Access to Dedicated Roku Channel

Exclusive Programs

Real Estate Talks

This webcast hosted by NYC real estate attorney Pierre Debbas features commentary, interviews and Q&A sessions pertaining to current trends in all segments of the New York and national real estate markets.

Pro Shop

This webcast hosted by NYC real estate attorney Michael J. Romer brings the experts in real estate related services direct to you. Each webcast will highlight a different industry professional in a wide range of areas including appraisals, finance, architecture/engineering and title insurance.

Real Estate Coaching

We have enlisted prominent real estate agents and brokers to offer their expertise and insight to the real estate community. These sessions will provide expert tips and advice related your business model, marketing strategy, increasing referrals, growing your team and handling transactions.

Legal Hotline

This webcast will effectively serve as legal “office hours” for the real estate brokerage community. Each episode will feature a top real estate related attorney who will be discussing relevant topics and answering any all questions.

Members Get Access to NYREC Roku Channel

As an added benefit of membership, subscribers will receive exclusive access to our library of recorded webcasts, special events and other programming via our dedicated Roku channel. We want our members to be able to access everything we have to offer – and do so from anywhere.


  • What are the benefits of obtaining my license through the New York Real Estate Center?

    By subscribing, you will receive a 10% discount on the cost of the licensing course. For example, the 75-hour salesperson licensing course, which normally costs $495.00, would only be $445.00.

  • What are the benefits to subscribing as opposed to purchasing individual courses or bundles?

    Subscribers receive access to everything which includes unlimited attendance to live and virtual classes/seminar, exclusive access to the following: a) our library of on-demand courses; b) weekly scheduled webcasts; and c) dedicated Roku channel for all recorded and steaming content.

  • Can I satisfy all of my New York continuing education requirements through New York Real Estate Center?

    Yes, New York Real Estate Center audits its roster of courses on a regular basis to ensure that all requirements are met. Our roster includes Fair Housing, Ethics, Agency Disclosure and Legal Update requirement. You can satisfy all 22.5 hours by either subscribing, paying per class or paying for the discounted bundle.

  • How long is the membership valid?

    The All Access Membership subscription is for one year billed monthly with the option to extend after the first year.